In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.”

Reality check

I’m sunbathing on a sunny beach excited by the warmth of the sand. I don’t worry, why should I? There’s no troubles, no worries of everyday life. I’m just enjoying the day so far. Then, Andrew offers to go for a swim; as I follow him into the clear blue sea, he turns back and kisses me on the cheek. It’s refreshing, warm and such a good feeling to be so carefree, we swim as far as we can reach. Suddenly, he stops, looks back at me, waits till I catch up and hugs me with tears.

Then everything happens so quickly, I don’t even realise when. It seems like a few seconds though it’s been hours at least. Andrew’s long gone, I feel like disappearing too. I can’t even help it, my words are counted, a few pages more and I’m a blank cover staring back at myself. Pulled back from a fantasy I look around the room, which looks familiar, I guess, I’ve lived here a while –

Get back to reality!

Mind staring blankly pulling the strings to go thousands of miles a second. I’m back in my life the beach was just a book.

Unexplained sadness grabs my wrists. Why have I lost my friends, the beach and a character of a young traveller girl? I crawl to the shelves, look at few titles and choose an American Dream, read the back cover ‘oh, it’s a dancer’s dream!’ I sit back on a white cover with butterflies theme. I get comfortable, this will be a long read. I open the book to find out, who I’m going to be. This time I’ll try to dose the pages of joy as if I was a drug addict. There’s no need for overdose. I don’t need to lose track of reality again.


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