Wednesday Dream Day

The Biggest Dream of All

When I was a fifteen year old lost-in-the-teenage-hormones girl I wrote a ‘book’. Struggling after the first big break-up with my first (as it seemed) huge crush on a boy four years older than me. At the time when we were dating I was fourteen and it looked as if I was trying my strengths for being a ‘difficult’ teenager. The boyfriend, let’s call him P, helped me realize I’m not like that at all. I enjoyed watching TV in my little room while doing my homework, reading tons of books in the evenings and meeting my friends in between being a daughter of the year.

After our roads split apart, I couldn’t stand being anywhere near P’s friends. Unluckily, my best friends were hanging out with them all the time since we got together. Every time I went to see them, I secretly begged the skies that P would be there so we could talk and maybe get back together. I only saw him from afar a couple of times but this only made me dig in needles into my heart over and over again as if life couldn’t exist anymore and nobody could live anymore, because I was hurt so everyone else had to disappear with my pain.

Soon I stopped going out to spare myself the pain of seeing P or hearing anyone talk about him. I regularly met my best girlfriends at school and even then the stories from the night before kept me going crazy. I had to stop it all if I didn’t want to go crazy! And then the best idea came to my mind… I decided to write a book. As if there weren’t enough books about broken hearts of teens, but I believed my book was unique.

The protagonist named Victoria started hearing a voice, a really bad voice. After multiple trips to the hospital, she got sent to a psychiatric hospital where she made friends with some other girls and a boy. Victoria’s voice in her head also created dreams in her head, particularly a dream about a boy with a tattoo of a gold-web and a spider climbing on his hand got her attention. After making friends with Gregory she notices his tattoo. Yeah, I was cheesy enough to give him the golden spider-web tattoo. You can probably guess what happens next right? Gregory’s brother is actually Victoria’s ex; they have to solve their problems before it’s too late.

Ok, I know it’s kind of really crap, but I’m still proud of myself that I managed to write a novel length story at the age of 14/15! Since then and since my free-verse poem notebooks took most of the space in my room, I started dreaming of being a writer. Not any kind of writer, but the best-selling writer!

I’ve been going after my dreams for a while now, I even got a degree in Creative Writing and English literature… But unless I actually manage to finish a freaking book I can’t do anything. For the past three years I had about 5 different projects for a book. I believe the idea I have right now is quite good, but I guess I have to put the research aside for a while and actually start writing…

What’s your dreams? Did any of you had a dream that seemed like you absolutely have to go after it or otherwise you’d die? I feel like that! 😛 I truly think that this is the biggest dream of my life (put aside all the childhood dreams of being a princess one week and another being a cleaner – more on that next time).


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