Blind love

Last time I saw my parents together was on my 19th birthday. They came over to London to visit me for a family day at work – a freshly refurbished pub with a whole brand new team, after some time of working there I learned to call them ‘monsters’ in my secret diaries.

After this day I never saw them the same way as before. My dad decided he raised his little girl so now it’s time for him to have his own life and leave my mum. As if he didn’t choose this life himself. A few months later I find out he’s already got a ‘girlfriend’, which I absolutely wanted to hate from the first day I met her, after a while though, when I managed to calm down and suppress my late teenage anger and frustration, I actually noticed she’s not that bad after all. Of course, there were loads of things that I would change in her, but she tries to be nice to me, I guess, and in some ways makes my dad happy. Ha! Well, he’s raising his little daughter, after all he got his freedom back.

Anyways, as I treated this as the worst life-image ever, I decided that, suddenly, as the most perfect couple in the world is not so perfect anymore, *ahem* love does not exist anymore! Therefore, at that point I probably subconsciously decided to sabotage my own relationship. God, how glad I am, I did it!  My not so perfect boyfriend decided to demonstrate everything my mum thought he was – that is; a sissy pants not manly enough to be able to take care of me (my mum always kept complaining that I was always taking care of him while he couldn’t do the simplest task), a cheat (he finally got enough courage to cheat on me without hiding it too much), irrational (after we argued for like two months I finally told him that I knew everything, his reaction was to throw me out of our shared house), and most of all childish (poor boy cried all the time that he deserved to get more out of life than anyone else). Oh crap I dated an idiot!

Do you remember when every little thing seemed about a thousand times amplified during the teenage years? When a little crush meant the end of the world?

That’s how I felt exactly… As if my life has ended and I’m going to be an old maiden with a zillion of cats! I’m so glad today that I got out of that relationship. Today, instead of a boy moaning that I didn’t cook anything the way his mummy did so he won’t eat it, I have the most handsome man I’ve ever dreamt of, who appreciates everything I do and loves my cooking!

So, I guess, it doesn’t matter how bad you think it is, start thinking positive and good things will come your way. At the end of the day you’ll never know what might come your way tomorrow.




One thought on “Blind love

  1. luismgoncalves14 says:

    Wow I can identify with so much here :p great post… My parents are also divorced and my first girlfriend, well, initially thought she would be the absolute love of my life turns out I would be better off (cheating and being childish were definitely heads up).
    Keep it up 🙂


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