English bastard weather

Hello Everyone!

I’m a Londoner so there’s nothing to say about the forces of nature in a big city like this, there’s hardly any nature at all. Ok… We’ve got Hyde Park, and loads of other little parks scattered around the city, giving each estate at least a place to walk your dog, or go for a run. There’s little to say, maybe one would remember the crowds, heat so bad it made hard to breathe in the underground stations, and traffic – massive traffic that could only give you a fever. That, I would certainly agree with.

It used to make me absolutely angry and annoyed with someone who was saying that in England it only rains and rains… I never saw these rainy months everyone’s been talking about! Ok, I agree that sometimes it rains for hours, or even days, but it wasn’t much different than any other place. Maybe a little bit more humidity out there in the air, maybe the summer isn’t as hot as I’d like it to be, but I always definitely like it when the winters aren’t really that cold. It always used to make me laugh when I noticed schools closing down or public transport shutting down for a day, because – beware! – There was a millimeter of snow on the ground. Joking aside, London is really the last place you would encounter any kind of natural phenomenon.

The only phenomenon I had a chance to be a part of was a beautiful sunny day,  24 degrees – hottest day of the year so far!’ Media exclaimed. Therefore, as I was expecting an amazing day I deliberately left my jacket behind. I soon learned not to trust anyone or anything, because the hottest day of the year, the stunning sunny day quickly changed into a scene from a bad horror movie pouring down rain from the black skies that firmed up so quickly I had no chance of escape. Soaked, washed out from make-up or any hair style I arrived at my interview on time, shame that the interviewer didn’t, ‘because he works from home when it rains like that’, good to know that I spent the last two days preparing myself for that interview just to say goodbye, or that I went through half of London in soaking wet clothes to get a cold, without a job.

Maybe one day I will get lucky enough to work from home when it’s raining outside, just because I don’t want to get wet!



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forces of Nature.”


One thought on “English bastard weather

  1. Pieces of 8 says:

    Oh Dreamgirl! As a Mancunian, I empathise. It’s infuriating when people assume it always rains in Manchester, but yes, I do have to take out clothes for every weather condition, every day!


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