Hello world!

Hello everyone!

For some time now I have been contemplating on starting my own blog. To be honest, I have blogged before, but for some bizarre reason I always kept giving up a few posts in. So what makes this blogging experience different? First of all, this time I am going to blog about things that actually interest me. You can probably figure out what my blog is going to be about from the name of it: 20DreamGirl, I’m a twenty something year old girl, a dreaming girl, who will simply write about a life of a twenty something. Dreams, desires, failures…

I could go on and on… But you get the idea. Maybe, for a good start of our blogging experience, I should introduce myself. I’m 20DreamGirl, let’s say that’s my name 🙂 I live in London, one of the best cities to make your dreams come true; unfortunately, fairy tales, princes and princesses are long gone in a big book hidden away under a bed of a big girl. It’s a start though, where could you make your dream career come true, but one of the biggest cities?

I’m not an actual Londoner. I came here to study and make my biggest lifetime dream real, however, I’d say I’ve lost my perspective by now and stopped dreaming for a while, or at least going after it. It’s ironical like the cliché jokes about a man begging God for millions won in a lottery, at the end God gets impatient and asks the man to buy the ticket if he want to win! I’m a bit like this right now, I really want my dreams come true, but since finishing my university degree it seems like I have forgotten how to go about it, so I’ve done nothing. Hopefully blogging will get me back on track and soon I’ll take the whole world on!

As you already know I’m not a student anymore, not that long ago I finished my education (at least for now), and at the same time I decided I completely didn’t need my demeaning job I hated so much that I’ve put my life on the awful unemployed list. I’m lucky enough, because my amazing boyfriend, who recently was going through the same thing, doesn’t mind this that much. I already had a ban for applying for jobs that I actually don’t want to do – and wait for the golden opportunity, for something that I will enjoy doing. I thought I knew what it meant before, but with every week of sitting at home filling out applications I feel like I forgot what it was that I wanted to do so much, why I wanted to grow up quickly, so I don’t have to study anymore but have my amazing career.

Am I the only one or are there any other twenty something year olds who seem to know what they want, but really they are lost as much as I am?

Lots of love,



2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Pieces of 8 says:

    Stick to your guns! The only three people in my life who really stuck it out for a job they wanted are now ten years into careers that they love. It hasn’t been easy for them, but it was worth the waiting, the unemployment, the uncertainty, and the hard work when the right opportunities did come their way.


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